How to integrate woocommerce in the Blogger site in 2021?

 Woocommerce is one of the biggest markets in the world and it’s now taking place in India also. if you really want to integrate woo-commerce in your blogger then must read how you can do it.

before adding woo-commerce in blogger you must know what is woo-commerce is all about? 

    what is woo-commerce?

     woo-commerce is a WordPress plugin that is totally free it can add an online shop to your WordPress website in just some clicks and your simple WordPress website turn into a professional online shop in just some minutes.

    why do I need woo-commerce?

    woo-commerce offers everything that an online business owner needs. like details of past orders, present orders, history of payments, discount coupons, tax setting, payout setting, and all other things that an owner wants.

    is woo-commerce free to use?

    woo-commerce and WordPress both are totally free software that you can use for a website anytime. but now most people using woo-commerce because it has lots of control over how you spent and how to build more strong customers.

    can we use woo-commerce in blogger also?

    yes but it’s not possible before somedays. now some companies like Sarasota and easy cart created some themes like who totally works like a woo-commerce website in blogger. you just need to change some simple thing in it.

    read how to create a woo-commerce website in blogger Step by Step- Click Here

    can we use woo-commerce only for the online shop?

    no, you can use a woo-commerce website for two things one for an online shop of your where you can do all things like manage customers’ history payment method and discounts also and also you can use woo-commerce for affiliate marketing with different big brands like Amazon and Flipkart where you have to just review the products and redirect the customers into the main website of products.

    So what you have to do if you want to integrate woo-commerce in blogger?

    you can visit their sites for the latest themes and templates to download them for free and also for premium. 

    they have all the basic things which you need when going to add any templates from any site. you can contact them, read their blogs and service they also have a support team also if any problem will happen in the future.

    you can see a live demo of the website to which you want to add themes to your website. in this theme you can add images and links also add from google. 
    you can also add social media icons like FB, youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. in this theme, you can add payment methods like PayPal, direct bank account, also with UPI no. 

    now if you find this theme worthy for your website then you can use it free and also if you want to invest in themes then also you can buy it for 9.95$ 

    you can use any way to buy this theme like debit credit card and bank account or PayPal account. you can also read all descriptions and documents related to your purchases.

    you can also watch video how this template works and if you want to create your own templates then you can contact the team of this company

    you can also read all features which are included in the templates and also in themes. in this theme, you can everything that you want for an e-commerce website also for if you want to rank your website this theme will also help you to get a high ranking on google.

    these themes updated on time by the company as you see the image of the latest update date of the themes.

    How to integrate woocommerce in the Blogger site in 2021?

    if you want to download it for free then you also can do it because I know some reviews about the paid themes are working the same as free themes are working.

    Conclusion – woo-commerce and e-commerce both are the biggest market in the world now and in the future may be everything n go online means this market will boom. So, in my opinion, must try to learn these things as early as possible. now both option is available for free and paid also so don’t think so much just start a wop-commerce website with the help of easy cart theme and template. Best of luck for your future.
    thanks for reading

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