Most Important Point Of Affiliate Blogs In India 2020

 Blogs are important nowadays but doing affiliate from a blog is a little difficult without knowing which thing you have to work on to generate sales from the blog. so before starting an affiliate blog you must know some Most Important point of affiliate blogs in India 2020.

Most Important Point Of Affiliate Blogs In India 2020

First, you have to understand this blog is not only for reading purposes you have to earn the trust of your visitors so they can give you revenue after buying anything from your affiliate blog. So for that, you need to work harder and focus on how to convert a visitor into a buyer.

Second, you know if anybody is searching for a product online that means he/she is ready to take an action of buying that product and they are ready to spend money but they are looking for the right product with the right details.

You have to just provide them the right details with the right product then you can win their trust and also earn some money from them. 

So let’s start with an affiliate-

Most Important Point Of Affiliate Blogs In India 2020

    What is an Affiliate?

    An Affiliate is Associated with the companies which are providing commission when a sale generated by a customer with the reference of the associate. you also can call an Affiliate a mediator who works between a company and a customer. 

    providing benefits to both because the company needs maximum customers who don’t know about the companies and customers need a product or company who can give the best products with discounts and offers.  

    so now you know that an affiliate works for both company and customer. so now we have to understand how we can do affiliate marketing.

    Most Important Point Of Affiliate Blogs In India 2020

    How can we do an affiliate?

    To do affiliate marketing you have to join the company that offers affiliate marketing. you have to fill in the basic requirements of every company like contact details, bank details, social account details where you will share the products for affiliate marketing. 

    Each company has different terms and conditions for affiliate marketing. Do read them carefully before accepting the terms and conditions. 

    You can also contact their customer care or help section for more knowledge about affiliates and the basic guideline for affiliate marketing.

    Most Important Point Of Affiliate Blogs In India 2020

    Which are the best companies for affiliates? 

    So many companies do affiliate marketing in India but not all are the best in affiliate so here I’m going to give you the best companies list for affiliates whom you can join and earn maximum commission.

    1.Amazon affiliate – amazon is one of the topmost companies in the world for their trusted branded products and their services they also work in India. so you can anytime join them for affiliate marketing. 

    you just need to sign up for an affiliate form or associate form from their website of amazon associate. then you give you the option to promote every product which you want to promote and after-sale you will get a commission based on the %price which they have mentioned in the associate account. 

    The commission percent starts from 0.2%to 10% maximum for their product depending upon their category. 

    you also can sign for their ONE LINK affiliate program from this you can easily earn a commission from all over the world from anyone link to the product.

    2. Reseller club you can resell the hosting here they will give a very good commission on their product referral. you can minimum earn 2000 and a maximum of 8000. After signing up, you will get a unique ID for your account.

    you can anytime withdraw payment the minimum payout is 50 rs.

    3.Flipkart – Flipkart is an Indian company the same working as amazon does .you can also join them as an affiliate marketer for earning a commission of product selling.  

    they provide commission from 6% to 20% depending upon the category and also they provide the banners and images for promoting their product in a different place.

    4. Vcommission this is India’s oldest affiliate network. so many networks joined them around 18000+ networks.  like Myntra, Aliexpress, etc around 14000.

    the minimum payout is around 5000/100$.they pay in a 30 days cycle. but they only need English writing content. 

    5.JVzoo this is one of the most trusted companies for affiliates. They deal with the latest products and software. all big companies give their products here for the affiliate. 

    the payout for each sale can be 50% here. you can promote the product anywhere and earn a commission. they provide you all the details and things related to affiliate products.  so that you can easily promote them.

    Most Important Point Of Affiliate Blogs In India 2020

    How can we attract Buyers?

    Attracting a visitor is not an easy task at anytime. But when you’re doing affiliate marketing from blogging then it gets more difficult. You need to focus on every step which is important to get attention from a visitor.

    Whenever you do affiliate from a blog just think as a visitor like what you need in detail while going to purchase any product online.  You need to understand the needs of a visitor or customer and fill them one by one. 

    Tell them why they need to buy it? What is the importance of this deal? Why do they buy it from your referral? 

    Because we are covering the most important point of affiliate blog in India so it gets more important to know what actually a blogger needs to do while they are working on an affiliate blog.

    Because once you know what they are looking for then you can work on it and get a chance to earn more commission from your affiliate blog.

    Give each detail of the product, do not hide anything from customers at any time this is a very important step for your trust from customers. 

    Give them the small and clear detail of products so that they can understand it easily. Also, tell them the pros and cons of the product which they are going to buy.

    Also, you can suggest other products with the same range and quality. You also compare products for them so they can easily take action for the right product.

    While working on an affiliate blog we have to focus on the mindset of the Customers.

    Because in this fast world no buddy wants to spend so much time on anything. So you have to be clear and short for your product and also you have to work on your blog’s fast loading. 

    if your blog loads slowly then you are definitely going to lose so many customers. Because in this fast world no buddy has so much patience for waiting for 3 to 4 sec only for a product.

     They can spend 10 minutes on your blog after an open fast but they can wait for 4 sec when they are opening it. 

    Most Important Point Of Affiliate Blogs In India 2020

    Most Important Point Of Affiliate Blogs In India 2020

    What does an affiliate blog really Need to focus on?

    Here are some more tips for an affiliate blog you must work on.

    Select a Niche –

    As you know online selling is a very big and competitive area for work so you can’t work on everything at one time. 

    Select your niche for doing affiliate blogging. After selecting a niche you are able to know which keyword and product you’re going to focus on. It also can help you to find a related domain for your blog.

    Select Right Domain-

    selecting the right domain may help you to stand out from thousands of people who are working very hard for the same traffic but the right domain can help people to understand what this blog is really working on.


    Like if your niche is a DSLR camera like your focusing on cameras this niche is a very high competition niche and you bought a domain like – then maybe some traffic not come on your website but if you bought a domain like – so you can increase the traffic of your website. Now the people know this blog is for only cameras.

    For the right Domain visit Here.


    Selecting the right hosting is also a very important factor for your blog. You can choose cloud hosting, shared hosting, and simple hosting. Hosting can play a big role in your blog because it is all like how you blog managing traffic of thousands or hundreds of people.

    When any visitors come on your blog and your blog runs smoothly then they can spend time and come again but if it’s loading slow and not working properly then you may lose so many visitors in just some seconds. 

    You can buy hosting from any company but after research on this or want free hosting then go to the Google blogger option their service is very good your reading this article on google blogger hosting.

    For right Hosting go Here

     Right Product-

    after doing all things now you have to choose the right product now you can say how it’s possible to choose the right product because in every niche there are thousands of products and I’ll say your right but believe me the right product can give you lakhs of rupee in commission. 

    It doesn’t mean you go and search for the right product and waste your whole time in it NO. Instead, go and work on every product of your niche with all needed things like Keyword, images, descriptions, tags, posts, and all that.

    Product description –

    While any visitor comes to buy a product they want to know their details in a clear and simple way. Now your main time comes or you can say high time now you can convert your visitor into a buyer.

    A detailed description with pros and cons can be very useful for buyers with this they can make decisions for buying the right product. If they find all things in one place then why will they go on another website to buy it? 

    They will definitely click on your product associated with your affiliate link to buy this product. But if this also does not work then do the below thing also.


    Now comes the role of compare after they know all descriptions about the product might be they think or want to see one or two related products with the same worth and description.

    If you have already compared some products with the main product then they can easily understand which product is best for them then they can buy it definitely. Here you can also give you an affiliate link in your compared products if they want to buy them then you also get the commission.


    Now in your, every product’s end always gives a short and clear conclusion and tell visitors why they should buy this product and also give them some examples of how this product will help them in the future.

    After doing all this now you are ready for the huge commission as you know hard work is everything but with this you included some smart work also. And as an affiliate blogger, you should work hard with smart tricks.

    Now in my words, you should focus on quality content rather than the number of products. Building trust is very and one of the most important points of affiliate blogs in 2020. Because it can take time but when it gives you back for your hard work then you can’t imagine how much it can. 

    It’s like you’re planting a plant from small and giving everything that it needs from you in their smaller time once the plant becomes a tree. You will get tons of fruits from it. Now it’s upon you how you will manage it. 

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