how to create a blog with a blogger in 2020? Detailed Guide for Beginners in Hindi

So do you want to make money online or you have good writing skills? then blogging is one of the best ways to do both. So now I’m going to tell you how to create a blog with a blogger. 
how to create a blog with a blogger in 2020

so going to create a blog we need to know what is a blog and how we can also earn money from it?  read every step and know what you are going to do in blogging. 

what is a blog?

A blog is a basic given detailed information in writing. providing the right step-by-step details about the niches you know most to the audience. so first we need to know which type of blog we need to work on?

Types of Blog?

there are two types of blogs running online one who only provide you the knowledge and another gives you the detail any product with buying option.  so the basic question is now how they can make money?

How to earn money from blogs?

There are so many ways to earn from the blog now we have to just most used ways to earn from blog.

1. first and the most common way to earn from a blog is showing ads on blogs from any ad publisher like the most common ad publisher is google Adsense 

2. A blogger also can earn from affiliate marketing from doing affiliate for many brands in one time on working a product or service to give all detailed information to audiences. 

now you know what is blogging and how we can earn from it. so now the time is come to know how to create a blog with a blogger.

Where we can create a blog?

We have so many options to create a blog but still, we need to choose if we need to pay for a blog or we want a free blog.

if you want to pay means to buy a blog then you need to go on any website who is providing domain names and hosting like. Etc.

but if you don’t want to pay then you can go on google and search for blogger this is the lifetime free option for domain and hosting both.

What is a Domain name and Hosting?

you can read my other article to know more about Domain name and Hosting where I had given every detailed knowledge about them now let us know a little bit about them

1.A domain name is a name of your blog or representing you on online 

2.A hosting means you need a space like we need a room in the house for our online content.

 How we can Create Blogs?


So today I tell you how you can go to Blogger and create an account on it and prepare a blog

So for this, first of all, let’s go to Google and here are two options, one of the search and the other six buttons are appearing on the side, after clicking it, we are shown the blogger, then we open it by clicking.

how to create a blog with a blogger in 2020

Then in Blogger, you will click on Create a new account.

how to create a blog with a blogger in 2020

After this, select your email on which you want to create a blog.

how to create a blog with a blogger in 2020

After this, put the name of your blog that you want to keep. And press the Next button.

how to create a blog with a blogger in 2020

After this make the URL of your blog which will be something like this. then press the Next button. Remember the URL will be found by someone who has not taken it.

how to create a blog with a blogger in 2020how to create a blog with a blogger in 2020

After this, select your visible name which will be visible to everyone, then click on Finish.

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how to create a blog with a blogger in 2020

Then you will see your main page

how to create a blog with a blogger in 2020

How to create a blog with a blogger in 2020? Detailed Guide for Beginners in Hindi

Now let me show one by one what we are going to do next

First comes the new post – here every time we write an article, we update.

a post is a way to express your thought and knowledge to the audience and the way to connect with them

Next is the post – if any of your posts are already written, then they will be seen here, if you want to change something, you can change it anytime.

The next option is the stats – in this, you get information about what is going on your blog, like how many people saw the post, how many people came to the blog.

Next to that is the comment sectioncomments are also the one more way to connect with your audience with a question and answer

if anyone wants to ask questions on your post here, and you can answer it anytime.

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The next option is earning – this option is received from Google by which we can earn money by showing ads on your blog, but this option comes later when you work on your blog well and others who rule too. After completing it, you can apply for Google Adsense, if they thought that your blog is worth it, then they will give you approval for the ad.

also, you can watch this video on my youtube for a detailed setup of

how to create a blog with a blogger in 2020


Then comes the pages – this is the second most important part of the blog on which all bloggers should work first

You have to create some pages before ad approval like –

  • privacy policy,
  • contact us,
  • disclaimer,
  • terms,
  • conditions,

and if the affiliate has a website then affiliate disclaimer, these pages serve as the foundation for any blog without these blogs. Is not complete

The next option is the layout – if you want to add anything to your blog, you can do it in a way, it works to improve the appearance of the blog.

you can change the layout of your blog using any theme.

you can add or remove any page and option from the layout.

also, you can show ads after approval from google or another website.

You can add all these to the sidebar, top bar, search bar.

After this comes the option of themes – here you can give a good look at your blog by selecting different themes and you can change them in your way too.

Next, I will definitely tell you all the free themes for Blogger on Google.

Know More about Minima colored 3 themes for free  and how to install in blogger step by step guide

The next option is the setting in which you can change the name of your blog. Can be done by description You can change your language. If your blog adds adult content then you can take that option

how to create a blog with a blogger in 2020

In this, you will also get your full URL.

URL is your Blogs full link which you can use to show anywhere to prove that this is your blog its very important for blogs.

And if you ever buy a domain, you can update here

as I told you there are two types of domain one is paid and another is free so blogger provides us free domain for lifetime. but if you also want to purchase any domain from the domain seller website then you can buy and add it in a custom domain section.

how to create a blog with a blogger in 2020

And your URL is HTTP to HTTPS. It looks updated in

after adding S in HTTP it will get more secure we can say HTTPS is a more secure server than HTTP so always go for it and blogger also providing is free.

And there will also be a CAPTCHA in your comment and further you can also start the ad and update it in the Google search console.

in the google search console option, you have to add your website in it and also you have to create a sitemap and google analytics id

and also you have to do some basic setting for Good SEO and Ranking
you can also read a detailed article about both on this website.

And last to see all the updates that you make in your blog, which is the option below, to see from the View blog

Conclusion– So let’s finish this article and now your basic blog is ready so always remember one thing that I showed you how to create a blog in blogger but you have to work on it step by step.

if you are working on this blog in a proper way then you can earn huge money from it or you can sell it to anyone at a good price.

so after setup, this basic blog we need to do is to create pages, contact Us, privacy policy, etc. So you too quickly make your own blog and start working on it and I will definitely tell you how you felt this article and if there is any problem, then I will also ask you in the comment and I will answer you.

Let’s see you again for the next article

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